Our Loose Leaf Tea

We have a wide selection of loose-leaf green tea, mostly from the Kyushu region in southern Japan, including Kagoshima, Chiran, and Yame in Fukuoka, the birthplace of Japanese green tea. We order from our farmers in small batches, ensuring freshness. The tea is professionally packed and sealed at the farm, and then all orders are hand packaged by us and shipped directly to you, anywhere in the world, including USA. We use Japan Post international e-pack and EMS services. We accept payments in US Dollars, UK Pounds and Euros via credit/debit card, which is all handled by Stripe ( we do not see or store any card data in our systems ).

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KINENBI 10th Anniversary Set

Four incredible NEW TEAS to celebrate 10 Chiki Years!!


saikou outrageous superior sencha

SAIKOU Superior Sencha 煎茶

The most outrageous superior sencha you will ever taste!


fushigi fukamushi sencha

FUSHIGI Fukamushi Sencha 深蒸し煎茶

A mysterious, breathtaking deep-steamed sencha.


kanae shiraore kukicha

KANAE Shiraore Kukicha 白折れ

A shaded kukicha reminiscent of velvety, smooth edamame with a noticeably rich creaminess.



Our outrageous superior sencha, fukamushi sencha, and shiraore kukicha, bundled in a 'happy bag' set - SAVE 15%


HOTARU Shiracha 白茶

A super rare Shiracha "WHITE TEA" from Yame


SAMURAI Organic Tamaryokucha 玉緑茶

ORGANIC iron-tossed tama-ryokucha (guricha) from Usuki in Oita.


SAE Kabusecha かぶせ茶

Saemidori kabusecha from Chiran in Kagoshima with a fragrant, full-bodied taste, filled with umami.


TACHIBANA Superior Sencha 煎茶

A sencha with the perfect balance of umami and sweetness. The true taste of Yame!


MINEKO Kabusecha かぶせ茶

A high-quality kabusecha from the Okumidori cultivar.