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mineko-kabusecha-100g-pack-labelokumidori kabusecha shaded japanese green tea loose leafOkumidori kabusecha shaded Japanese green tea in cupmineko-kabusecha-in-cup-artymineko-okumidori-kabusecha-green-tea
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Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Cultivar: Okumidori

Mineko bears the bounty of summer, with notes of sweet relish and fresh greens. Like our Fushigi green tea, Mineko strikes a balance between sweet and savory. Despite that similarity, they are very different teas! Fushigi from the Asatsuyu cultivar presents a calm center, whereas Mineko is bursting with vibrant energy, just like our vivacious former staff member who we named this tea after. This deep-steamed tea offers unexpected depth and nuance thanks to its sweet and grassy layers, its practically chewy viscosity, and its savory umami notes.

Mineko is shaded before harvest and then deep-steamed during processing. This approach to tea production places it in the category of Kabusecha… a favorite amongst many Japanese tea connoisseurs. From price to taste, Kabusecha is the perfect midpoint between a more ordinary, unshaded Sencha and an extraordinarily fabulous and expensive, heavily-shaded Gyokuro. 





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