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mineko-kabusecha-100g-pack-labelokumidori kabusecha shaded japanese green tea loose leafOkumidori kabusecha shaded Japanese green tea in cupmineko-kabusecha-in-cup-artymineko-okumidori-kabusecha-green-tea
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Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Cultivar: Okumidori


Mineko gives you the bounty of summer with alluring hints of sweet relish and fresh greens. Similar to our Fushigi Fukamushi, Mineko is the perfect balance between sweet and savory. However, where the Fushigi represents a calm center, Mineko is bursting with energizing qualities, just like our staff member this tea was named after.

Mineko is a Kabusecha offering unexpected depth and sweet grassy flavors due to its deep steaming process. With a wave of umami from its short shaded period, this tea creates the perfect midpoint between an ordinary sencha, and an expensive heavily shaded gyokuro. Fall in love with its bright green color and feel the rush of summer invigorate you!

Take a bow, Mineko!