Matcha Health Benefits

Green tea benefits your mind and body mainly because it's loaded with antioxidants.

There's increasing recognition that daily consumption of Japanese green tea, and especially matcha, can be enormously beneficial for your health and overall well-being.

The reason that matcha, in particular, has amazing health benefits is that you consume the whole leaf. Matcha is a specific micro-milled green tea that has been grown in such a way to amplify the nutrients in the leaf. To capture the most green tea benefits, try to drink matcha every day and make it part of your healthy lifestyle.

What are the Known Health Benefits of Drinking Matcha Green Tea Every Day?





Lowered Cholesterol

& Blood-Pressure


Blood Sugar



Burning Calories

Reducing Fat

Aiding Weight-Loss

Reducing Risk of


& Stroke

Relief from Diabetes

Calms The Mind

Reduces Stress

& Risk of Depression

Inhibited Cancer

Cell Growth

Protection Against



Skin Cells

Prevention of


Breast Cancer

Lung Cancer

Combats Viral Disease


Fewer Cavities

Freshens Breath



How does Green Tea and Matcha provide all these health benefits?

Japanese green tea has so many health benefits partly because of the fact it is steamed immediately after being picked, which retains all the nutrients and freshness.

In contrast, Chinese Oolongs and other teas are picked then left to be withered in the sun, which reduces the nutritional benefits. They are also oxidized or fermented which destroys some of the nutritional value. And of course, as we already explained, with matcha you consume the whole leaf because it has been ground into the powder, and when you drink it, you leave nothing behind. So you take in all of the matcha health benefits.

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green tea health benefits are all explained in this book we explain how japanese green tea is processed to maximize the health benefits


What makes green tea SO HEALTHY?

The benefits of green tea are actually increased significantly for particular teas by shading the tea plant a few weeks up to over a month before harvest time. Shading slows the growth of the leaf, making it fight to get sunlight, thus making the nutrients swell and adding characteristics like UMAMI and sweetness. This is just one reason why Japanese green tea is the healthiest of all teas!

Matcha, Hon Gyokoro and Kabusecha have the highest nutrients and provide the most health benefits of green tea because they are shaded in this way. Furthermore, Chiki Tea's matcha is shaded in the nearly extinct method called honzu in Japanese, using handmade straw mats that filter the rain and deliver more minerals to the plant, making the tea more mineral rich.


Why does the caffeine in matcha give me more energy, but without getting the jitters?

Caffeine without the jitters! That's one of the key benefits of drinking matcha. You're more alert, able to concentrate, but unlike with coffee you don't get the jitters and don't experience the mid-day crash!

This is one of the unexpected health benefits of matcha - matcha drinkers receive a boost to energy levels which seems to last throughout the day. How come?

Studies have been conducted which show that it's not just the caffeine itself, it's the way the caffeine is absorbed more slowly because of metabolizing the nutrients in green tea that slowly release it into the bloodstream.  So no matter how active or intense your daily schedule may be, drinking matcha will help you retain a smooth energy level throughout your day.


How is it I can concentrate more when I drink matcha?

Matcha is loaded with L-theanine (also known as theanine), which is an amino acid that's pretty rare in food. It aids relaxation by creating alpha-waves to counteract the more usual beta-waves generated by excited or agitated states. So combined with the steady absorption of caffeine for energy, you get the best of both worlds: a state of serene alertness, with concentration and clarity! Furthermore the theanine is the only amino acid that can cross the blood brain barrier to produce dopamine, the bliss hormone. So when you drink matcha and green tea, you feel calm, concentrated and in your flow. 

Even if you don't drink every day, when you feel a bit down or need a pick-me-up, try a nice matcha shot, or mix in milk for a comforting and energizing matcha latte.


And how does Matcha help me to lose weight?

The key word here is 'help'. If you're already following a weight-loss program then matcha can certainly help by providing you higher energy levels without needing to consume more calories (matcha is almost calorie-free, but not the matcha latte of course!). And it can actually help burn fat, while not raising blood pressure, heart rate or sugar levels. It's a natural product so there's no worrying about allergic reactions or other problems experienced by some people with alternative dietary supplements or energy bars and drinks. 


And Don't Forget The Most Important Thing About Matcha...

Matcha is one of the highest grades of Japanese tea and is delivered in a micro-milled powdered form, so when you drink it, you are actually consuming the entire leaf. This is why there's about 10 times the nutritional value in just one serving of matcha, compared to over 10 cups of other steeped green teas. The matcha tea benefits are x10 !

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Where is the Science Proof about Japanese Green Tea Health Benefits?

All green tea contains polyphenols, a very broad class of antioxidants. It's a subgroup of polyphenols known as CATECHIN (pronounced CAT-AH-KIN).

Japanese green tea has one of the highest concentrations of catechins of all foods and beverages. This is why it has the highest level of green tea health benefits of all teas.  Catechins are natural plant antioxidants and they show up in foods like cacao, argan oil, acai oil, berries, vinegar, and of course, green tea! 

There are four main catechins in green tea but of these catechins, a special one is FOUND ONLY IN GREEN TEA:

Epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCg.

This catechin can counteract free radicals from UV-rays, background radiation, and chemicals from pollution, which all cause damage at a DNA level.

There are hundreds of studies showing that EGCg is anti-ageing, cancer-preventing and makes fat cells run for mercy. Here is a really good article on this, and another here.

And don't forget the GREEN stuff!

Of course, green is always associated with healthy foods, and it's the same for matcha and all green teas because the chlorophyll that gives it its rich verdant green colour. Put simply, chlorophyll-packed matcha helps you to DETOX. It cleanses and purges your body of many harmful toxins. Chlorophyll itself is a detoxifier, helping expunge harmful chemicals and, believe it or not, heavy metals from the body!

Matcha is incredibly rich in chlorophyll, and even up to ten times that of other green teas, so making it a regular daily drink gives you a superb daily detox routine.


But it's not just Matcha that's super-healthy...

The benefits of green tea are not limited to matcha powdered tea, they can be found in all green teas.

What are the major health benefits of drinking STEEPED GREEN TEA?

Detoxing the body

One of the star benefits of steeped green tea is the ability to assist in detoxing the body. 

The catechins, theanine, and caffeine support the body’s ability to detox. Your body knows how to detox (you do go to the bathroom!) but the active ingredients in green tea support that process. Catechins have a direct impact on your liver, which is the body's main detoxing organ, and the antioxidants, especially EGCg are like ninja warriors fighting the free radicals bombarding your body. The caffeine in green tea has diuretic effects by stimulating the bladder causing an increase in urination to flush out the toxins. Green tea acts in partnership with the liver to speed up the detoxing ability of the body. (Reference: international journal of clinical and experimental medicine, June 2015.)


Japanese green tea is alkalizing

While most black teas (not herbal teas) and certainly coffee, are fairly acidic, green tea is alkalizing to the body with a pH level between 7-10.  Black tea has a pH level of 4.9 to 5.5 on average while coffee has a pH of around 4.7.


Green tea is a champion for the skin!

The powerful antioxidant EGCg promotes DNA repair thus reversing the damage caused by the sun. The anti-inflammatory benefits are delivered thanks to the high content of catechins in green tea. This reduces irritation, redness and swelling of the face. It is also highly antibacterial so it helps treat acne and large pores by destroying bacteria. It also fights infection so it’s great for treating bacterial growth on the face which is what leads to acne.

Vitamins E and B2 are ever-present in green tea which is essential for eyes and skin. Vitamin E is responsible for the hydrating element of keeping your skin glowing and hydrated while the Vitamin B2 content in green tea promotes collagen production for firmer, more youthful skin.

The caffeine and theanine work together to reduce blood vessels to help your eyes look clear and free of dark circles and puffiness. This is similar to the way a dry wine shrinks the saliva on your tongue for that lip-smacking, puckery sensation.

Is Japanese Green Tea VERY Healthy?

The main green tea benefit of Japanese green tea is how rich it is in antioxidants, which protect your cells against damage from things like pollution, preservatives, pesticides, and even emotions!

Theanine, also referred to as L-theanine, is the amino acid found in the Camellia Sinensis tea leaf. It rarely shows up in anything else. Luckily green tea has A LOT of theanine.

It’s responsible for most of the flavor and is what makes green tea so talked about, particularly in terms of how a sip makes you feel. When caffeine and theanine work together in green tea, it gives you bliss and clarity. This green tea benefit is rarely highlighted but is responsible for how you feel.

Caffeine is slowly released into your bloodstream so you get the alert benefit without the jitters that coffee gives you.

The theanine and caffeine combo also reduces physical stress and gets the creative juices flowing. This is all due to how theanine elevates dopamine levels in the brain...

Dopamine is a hormone (and a neurotransmitter) that is produced in your brain. It’s known as the “reward” hormone associated with good experiences, motivation, sleep, mood, focus, memory retention and gratification to name but a few benefits.

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What are the TOP 10 Matcha Green Tea Health Benefits?

There are so many green tea benefits but here is a good top 10 (in no particular order):

  1. Speeds up your metabolism to burn fat and stop cravings.
  2. Promotes fat cell suicide thanks to EGCg.
  3. Works on your cholesterol by preventing the hardening of arteries. This, in turn, lowers your risk for high blood pressure.
  4. Fights oral bacteria, which leads to tooth decay and gingivitis, as it’s loaded with natural fluoride.
  5. Beautifies your skin by supporting circulation and elasticity as well as helping to regulate body temperature (think menopause)
  6. Boosts your immune system to stave off colds, flu and other viral infections as well as a host of other things like digestive problems and even IBS.
  7. Serves as your biggest ally in the battle to sober up and cure that nasty hangover!
  8. Holds its own in the anti-aging discussion by helping the body stay alkalized.
  9. Boosts dopamine levels so it calms you, lifts brain fog and leaves you refreshingly alert and in your flow.
  10. Battles bacteria that cause food poisoning. It's probably why so many Japanese drink green tea while eating sushi...! 


Where Can I Read More About Green Tea Health Benefits?

Here are some independent sources for more information on the health benefits of green tea:


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