SAIKOU Superior Sencha 煎茶

The most outrageous superior sencha you will ever taste!



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Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Yame, Kyushu

Cultivar: Tsuyuhikari

Saikou is the most outrageous superior sencha you will ever taste! Meaning the highest and best in Japanese, Saikou is made exclusively from the Tsuyuhikari cultivar, yielding a tea with a thick layer of umami followed by notes of sweet pear, apricot, and undertones of creamy edamame. The consistency of Saikou is thick and brothy, creating a deep rich flavour, resembling the history of Yame, the region from where this tea hails. This delightful, amazing experience is all thanks to the mastery of traditional tea processing techniques by Master Kumagai, as he shades this tea for five days to bring out these unparalleled qualities. 


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