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Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Cultivar: Sae Akari

Radiant and bright! That’s what Sae Akari, the cultivar, means in Japanese. This sublime sencha blended by Holly and Master Kumagai, is as vivacious as they come. Featuring a cornucopia of flavors, the keynote here is the sweetest sweetcorn you could imagine. Let that lead you into the farmers market where a hint of harvest root vegetables rounds out the taste. Otomi is the temple of prosperity where we bless the origami cranes included in your order. Here’s to your health and wealth!

A tea this exquisite can be enjoyed in numerous ways:

Cold-brewed: 500ml pure cold water to 20-25g leaves, put in fridge overnight or 6-10 hours

Ice-brewed: fill a 400ml teapot with ice, add a dash of cold water and 15-18g leaves - set out for all the ice to melt then serve as usual

Like a baby gyokuro: 180ml 60°C (140°F) water, 8-10g leaves, 90 second steep, three infusions 

Regular sencha: 400ml 70°-75°C (158°-167°F) water, 15-18g leaves, 1 minute steep, slow pour, two infusions 






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