chasen bamboo matcha whisk

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This 100 'tine' handmade bamboo whisk, called a chasen, is what gives your Matcha mojo!

There’s no better way to get that frothy foamy top than with a chasen bamboo whisk. And once you give it a try (and put an end to your powered whizzer-wand!), there’s simply no going back. Matcha just tastes better whisked with a chasen and you can feel and see the difference instantly.

The key thing to note when buying a chasen bamboo whisk is how many tines it has. They come in 70, 80, 100 and some even have 120, though these are rare because the tines are so fine that they break easily. Leave 120 for the tea ceremony masters! You are aiming for silky foam-like on a cappuccino – no large bubbles, ever! Keep practicing … (Hint: Holly’s tea ceremony teacher has her practice bowl after bowl using cheap cocoa to perfect the art!)

Handmade from one piece of bamboo.

Combine with a proper chasen stand, called a Chasen Tate, for a bundled saving of more than 10%

Chasen Tate and Chasen combined: £23.50 / $ 33.95 (bought separately £26.25 / $37.90)





From $27.95