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silk ultra premium ceremonial matcha 100g

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The pinnacle of Matcha perfection.

Ideal for straight-shot sipping.

Silk is Super Ceremonial Grade Matcha. You'll love the incredible silkiness of your first sip through to the last…the deep umami and mesmerizing sweetness…and of course, the mile high foam - the hallmark of an incredibly high quality Matcha! 

We searched all over Japan, holding blind tastings with three generations of tea ceremony masters, and this beauty won our hearts over by a long shot. It hails from Yame in Kyushu. Our farmer is one of the last few remaining to use hand-made straw mats to shade the plants in spring. Straw shading makes the nutrients swell in the leaves and filters the rain water, adding extra minerals and all of the green tea benefits. Plucked by hand, processed, then milled with a granite mill, one 40g can of Matcha takes 2.5 hours to mill, producing a powder that is finer than smoke.

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