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'green is the new black, the glorious rise of Japanese green tea'

Holly Helt

Founder & CEO Chiki Tea

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Our book about Japanese green tea hardback

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This essential guide for noobies and connoisseurs alike transports you into the magical world of Japanese green tea...

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Prologue I joined the green tea club when I was three

Part 1

Chapter 1 Taking the lid off Japanese tea
Chapter 2 Health benefits: the serious side of green tea
Chapter 3 The Chiki Steep!
Chapter 4 Meet my favourite teas!
Chapter 5 The mysterious and beguiling world of Japanese tea
Chapter 6 Accoutrements galore

Part 2

Chapter 7 Following the leaf from bush to cup: the whole steamy process
Chapter 8 Nurturing the divas: Gyokuro and Matcha
Chapter 9 The fine art of preservation
Chapter 10 Regions: discover where the noble leaf reigns!
Chapter 11 Horticulturist wannabe? Know your cultivars
Chapter 12 Leaf wisdom: tea leaves with attitude


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Holly & Alex talk about the ideas behind writing the book, how the beautiful illustrations were made, and inform about the principal health and well-being benefits of green tea.

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