matcha furui sieve

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matcha furui sievea sieve for matcha is called a furuia furui is a sieve for matchasieve for matchawhere can i buy a sieve for matcha
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This gorgeous stainless steel Matcha sifter was standard issue at the Chiki Tea café. We have to be honest...it got some pretty hard use! We sifted, washed, sifted, washed, sifted washed as cups and cups of Matcha were enjoyed by our customers.

It's best to wash the stainless steel can and mesh daily and it never rusts or tarnishes unlike others on the market made of tin. No wonder nearly every tea ceremony master in Japan has a few behind the scenes!

This gem is a must for any Matcha enthusiast to create the smoothest, foamiest, creamiest Matcha on the planet! And sifting it is like raking a Zen garden. How Chiki!

We recommend using a dry cloth or slightly damp cloth to wipe the bamboo rake to provide years of enjoyment! 






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