Matcha Starter Set Silk 40g

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Matcha Starter Set Silk 40gMatcha Starter Set Lush 40gchashaku bamboo matcha scoopyuzamashi matcha preparation bowlchasen bamboo matcha whiskchasen tatechasen on chasen tatesilk matcha in yuzamashipouring matcha from yuzamashiSilk Ceremonial Grade Matcha 40gLush Ceremonial Grade Matcha 40g
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This full matcha-making kit will get you whisking like a pro in no time! This all-in-one kit includes your choice of our very ceremonial grade matcha, SILK or LUSH, and everything else you need to make the perfect matcha shot. It's also ideal for making a matcha latte - just add steamed milk and a kiss of sweetener if that's your preference.

While matcha can be whisked in any type of bowl or directly in the drinking cup, we do think this handy pourable preparation bowl (yuzamashi) is a great place to begin as it prevents spillage so you get every drop of matcha, while the ergonomically designed handle on the hand-made bowl doesn't put pressure on your wrist when pouring. 

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Silk Matcha 40g or Lush 40g (choose below)

Chasen Bamboo Whisk

Chashaku Bamboo Scoop

Yuzamashi Matcha Preparation Bowl

Chasen Tate Whisk Stand



Matcha Option


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