chasen tate matcha whisk stand

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chasen tate matcha whisk standchasen tate matcha whisk stand with chasenchasen tate with chasen whiskchasen on chasen tate whisk stand

Keep your whisk in shape!

The proper way to store your chasen and preserve the delicate 'tines' is by keeping on a proper stand, called a Chasen Tate.

Authentic and made in Japan, this stand will keep your cherished Chasen in perfect shape so you can use it for longer.

Ancient tip: Remember to push the head all the way down onto the Chasen Tate so the tips of your tines aren't touching the ceramic!

Combine with an authentic bamboo chasen, made in Japan, for a bundled saving of more than 10%

Chasen Tate and Chasen combined: £23.50 / $ 33.95 (bought separately £26.25 / $37.90)




From $9.95