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green is the new black a book about green tea

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green is the new black a book about green teaillustrated page in the bookchapter 1tea growing regions of japanhoujicha explainedgyokuro tea explainedshincha - new teavarious teas explainedkukicha explainedwhat is houjicha? it's all explained in this book about green teaour book about Japanese green teahardback fully illustrated book about Japanese green teaback cover of book about Japanese green tea

Transport yourself into the magical world of Japanese tea in this essential guide for noobies and connoisseurs alike.

An American raised in Japan, Holly takes you on a journey of fantastic discovery, whimsical adventures, and pure enchantment in this informal expose of some of the most luscious green teas you never knew existed.

Japanese green tea is often associated with the meditative ritual of ceremonial tea. Green is the New Black is not about the tea ceremony, but rather, we take you across Japan following every aspect of the noble leaf from plant to cup; we regale its health benefits; delve into the pottery scene; and show you how green tea is a vital part of the Japanese lifestyle, where exotic teas are delighting sippers from sunrise to sunset.

If you’ve tried green tea and only have bitter words to say about it, this book will change your entire perspective on this ultimate health and longevity elixir. Create a daily green tea habit to soothe your soul, gain unrivaled vitality, and access pure mental clarity so your creativity can soar!

Hardback, 328 pages, with beautiful full-colour illustrations throughout.

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