yuzamashi matcha mixing bowl side view

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yuzamashi matcha mixing bowl side viewyuzamashi matcha mixing bowlyuzamashi matcha mixing bowlyuzamashi matcha mixing bowlyuzamashi matcha mixing bowlyuzamashi matcha mixing bowl with cranesilk matcha poured from a yuzamashi

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This preparation bowl is perfect for whisking your Matcha into a thick, creamy froth. The serving lip ensures none of your precious green elixir is spilt as you pour it into your drinking cup or bowl. It's one of our best-selling items.

Yuzamashi were originally designed for cooling water when steeping loose tea leaves, not Matcha, but we think our use of it is even Chikier! Why not use it for both purposes?

This product is handmade in the famous kiln town of Tokoname in Japan. The artist has discreetly signed it on the bottom.  Because this is handmade for you, unfortunately, it can sometimes take a while to reorder stock, but good things come to those who wait! 

Believe us when we say this really makes a difference when pouring your whisked matcha, retaining the froth and making sure you serve every last drop.


Capacity: 350 ml (approx 12 oz)

For a limited time, we are offering our matcha at a 25% discount when purchased with the bowl. 

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