Master Crafted Tea

from Japan's Hidden Tea Gardens

Chiki Tea is dedicated to preserving the culture of Japanese tea and providing top tier matcha and rare loose-leaf teas to customers all around the world.

We source our teas from a close network of teamasters and their family-run farms in Japan, appreciating the experience and artistry needed to grow and create exclusive blends.

We are also committed to supporting the traditional Japanese green tea industry by only selecting teamasters who specialize in natural farming methods which ensure the sustainability of their land and resources. Such practices mimic organic production with all its benefits, but without the inflated costs of certification, which is almost impossible for most small farms to afford.

By purchasing our teas, you are helping to keep the traditional Japanese green tea industry alive! 



KINENBI 10th Anniversary Set

Four incredible NEW TEAS to celebrate 10 Chiki Years!!


SAIKOU Superior Sencha 煎茶

The most outrageous superior sencha you will ever taste!


fushigi fukamushi sencha

FUSHIGI Fukamushi Sencha 深蒸し煎茶

A mysterious, breathtaking deep-steamed sencha.


KANAE Shiraore Kukicha 白折れ

A shaded kukicha reminiscent of velvety, smooth edamame with a noticeably rich creaminess.



We will begin to restock the rest of our tea range in the coming months, all in new packaging!...


saemineko tachibanahotaruotomi


Silk Ceremonial Grade Matcha 100g


Our premium ceremonial grade matcha. Simply the best matcha on the planet! 40g, 100g


Lush Ceremonial Grade Matcha 100g


Our second ceremonial grade matcha: smooth and ideal for straight-sipping or combining with milk in lattés. 40g, 100g



A quality and versatile matcha you can use every day. Ideal for mixing in lattes or smoothies - unbelievable quality for the price! 100g



The full matcha kit to get you whisking like a pro - it's perfect for a gift!


Shipped from Japan directly to you.


About our shipping & taxes...

2023 continues to be a challenging year for shipping items internationally from Japan, but we will do our best to keep rates affordable for you.

Where possible, our default courier is Japan Post, whose Small Package and EMS services offer an economical alternative to international express couriers, without much compromise on delivery times (usually 7-10 days for Small Packages, 4-7 days for EMS).

For a single item weighing less than 300g, the shipping cost is £8.95 to the UK and Europe, and $12.95 to the US and elsewhere.

We can also send items via DHL Worldwide Express. Please note though that the cost of this is higher, but you will receive your tea in 2-5 days from when we process the order. It is also recommended to order several items at a time as it's usually a flat shipping rate up to about 1kg in weight.

Some countries now require tax to be charged by all online retailers, while others may require payment on delivery. The prices on our site do not include tax, but it will be added, if necessary, at the checkout stage, once the delivery address has been entered.

For shipments to all countries in the EU and some others, we must now charge you tax and then pay to these countries. For other countries there may be duties and administrative charges payable upon receipt, or it may be better to pay a clearance fee to the courier in advance.

Our shipping options show either DUTY PAID when tax has already been charged by us (either on the goods themselves or as an advance clearance fee to the courier); or DUTY UNPAID, where you may need to pay taxes and duties upon receipt. It is assumed you accept responsibility for this payment if you select this method. Please be aware that the courier may add extra administration charges if they have to collect from you on delivery. We cannot advise you on this, but you are probably already aware of how likely these charges are in your country if you regularly buy items online from overseas.

If we are unable to ship your order, because of the suspension of operations by couriers or other reasons, we will of course get in touch with you promptly and refund your payment in full.

We are a small business and therefore handle all your orders ourselves. We do not use warehouse or packing services, and we are certainly not one of the many drop-shippers out there offering sub-standard culinary matcha in the guise of a ceremonial grade! 

In the case of any queries or problems we are happy to help, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at if you have any questions about shipping times or costs. 


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