If you are looking for artisan Japanese green tea, you’re in the right place!

We live in Japan and spend considerable time journeying around the island of Kyushu – the heartbeat of fine tea – meeting with farmers, sipping countless cups of tea and listening to their stories.

Why? So that we can bring you the best green tea on the planet!

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Baking with Matcha 101

Over the weekend I held a Matcha Masterclass for baking with matcha.

A Chiki Little Matcha Bar Opens

It’s the next chapter at Chiki Tea.

The Bamboo Whisk With a 500-Year History

To enjoy matcha the way Sen no Rikyu made it almost 500 years ago, you would need to whisk it with a bamboo chasen (whisk), intricately carved by hand from one piece of aged bamboo.

Shining the Spotlight on Great Japanese Cultivars

When I was young and living in Nagoya, drinking literally gallons of Japanese green tea, I didn’t know there was a difference in green teas and the word cultivar certainly wasn’t in my vocabulary. It wasn’t until later in my tea-drinking life that this topic became almost an obsession.



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