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If you are looking for artisan Japanese green tea, you’re in the right place!

We live in Japan and spend considerable time journeying around the island of Kyushu – the heartbeat of fine tea – meeting with farmers, sipping countless cups of tea and listening to their stories.

Why? So that we can bring you the best green tea on the planet!

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and we now also offer a line of hair-care products, all containing matcha - of course!

KOKUU Japanese Shampoo with Matcha

KOKUU Japanese Shampoo with Matcha

Organic, natural food-based shampoo with matcha

£27.95 GBP

KOKUU Japanese Conditioner

KOKUU Japanese Conditioner

Organic, natural food-based conditioner with matcha

£27.95 GBP

KOKUU Herbal Serum for Hair

KOKUU Herbal Serum for Hair

Organic, wild-herb hair serum with matcha

£32.95 GBP

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The five myths about matcha!

Matcha is often misunderstood if people aren’t familiar with it. I was recently hanging out in Austin, Texas -- the health capital of the state -- and talking tea with the locals. While a lot of folks in Texas have heard of matcha, more often than not I was repeatedly confronted with five misconceptions on the brilliant jade green elixir. Let’s set the record straight!

Taking the Dirt Out of Matcha

If there’s one thing the Japanese are, it’s traditional. Almost everything in Japan seems to have a specific way in which it’s done and it’s all steeped in history. One way to dress in Kimono, one way to take a bath, one way to cook rice, and one way to make matcha.

A Glimpse Into the Tea Ceremony (Part 3)

To conclude this tea ceremony series ...

A Glimpse Into the Tea Ceremony (Part 2)

What most foreigners experience is a short tea “session” or tea time (chakai). You might hear it called cha-no-yu. The matcha tea is usually made “thin” (usucha) and you get to drink the entire bowl... all three sips!


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