SAMURAI Tamaryokucha 玉緑茶


Iron-tossed tama-ryokucha (guricha) from Usuki in Oita.



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Master Yuuzou Takahashi

Cultivar: Yabukita base with a mix of other varieties

Like the warriors themselves, this tea is powerful with a gentle spirit. Shaped like a Shiba Inu’s tail, this tea is uniquely curled instead of needle shaped. Because of this, the classification of Samurai is Tamaryokucha (loosely coiled green tea), or the nickname Guricha. The tea leaves get their curl by being fried and tossed by hand in a large iron pan, similar to a wok. The result is a deep, rich, pleasing flavor with undertones of nuttiness and umami.


Samurai is blessed with a blend of cultivars, all grown and selected by Master Takashashi, ensuring the perfect harmony of taste and structure. The Takashashi family has been cultivating organic fields in Usuki in Oita Prefecture for many generations. This has enabled them to produce high quality and noble teas. Some say even the local God of that region watches the harvest, and smiles down at the tea to bless it.



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