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FUSHIGI Fukamushi Sencha 深蒸し煎茶

fushigi fukamushi sencha

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fushigi fukamushi senchaFushigi Fukamushi green tea leavesfushigi-in-cupfushigi fukamushi sencha new designfushigi fukamushi sencha green tea 100g packfushigi fukamushi sencha green tea 2x 100g packsfushigi fukamushi sencha green tea 3x 100g packsfushigi fukamushi sencha green tea 5x 100g packs

Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Yame, Kyushu

Cultivar: Asatsuyu

In Japanese, there is something known as Fushigi: a mystifying secret, or breathtaking wonder. Fushigi fukamushi sencha embodies the mystery surrounding the art of fukamushi, an extended steaming process during production, often called “deep steaming”. Owing  to this technique, the resulting tea liquor is a deep green that represents the lush forests of Japan. Master Kumagai displays his fifth-generation expertise in creating this miraculous tea. Made from 100% Asatsuyu cultivar, known as “morning dew”, Fushigi carries notes of creamy artichoke, a light fruity sweetness, and aromas of roasted chestnut. Finishing the flavour is the rich vegetal undertone that leaves your mouth refreshed and lingering in sweetness. Drink this alluring tea, and with every sip, be transported to the wondrous forests of Japan.

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