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chazutsu 100g black and silver pattern

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chazutsu 100g black and silver patternchazutsu single pack size black and silver patternchazutsu regular size black and silver patternchazutsu 100g pink patternchazutsu single pack size pink patternchazutsu regular size pink patternchazutsu blue 200gchazutsu blue 200g half openchatzutsu blue 200g fully openchatzutsu gold 200gchazutsu gold 200g half openchatzutsu gold 200g fully openchatzutsu purple 200gchazutsu purple 200g half openchatzutsu purple 200g fully openchazutsu white and black sakura 200gchazutsu white and black 200g half openchatzutsu white and black 200g fully open
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Specially designed to keep your tea fresher for longer.

Each chazutsu is handcrafted from one sheet of tin by skilled craftsman with a 90-year history in the technique. The inner gold-colored lid acts as a buffer to seal out moisture and aromas, and has a locking mechanism to ensure the Washi pattern stays in alignment. 

The handmade Yuzen Washi paper (traditionally called Chiyo-gami) comes from Kyoto, Japan. Inspired by kimono fabric dating back to the Edo period, each design is painstakingly crafted by artist across Japan.  Washi is made using fibers from indigenous plants in Japan (Kozo, Mitsumata, and Gampi) to create a very durable and tactile paper that holds the pigment-based, fade-resistant ink for years to come. Each color is silkscreened by hand, one at a time onto the paper. This step requires considerable time as each color must fully dry before the next color is applied. The final layer is the gold or silver metallic overlay providing shiny highlights to glisten in the light.

Size: 100g / 200g

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