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sensational sae kubusecha saemidori pack labelsensational sae kabusecha tea-leavessensational sae kabusecha saemidori tea in cupsensational sae kubusecha saemidori 100g packsensational sae kabusecha 100g pack
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Master Kotaro Shinbara

Cultivar: Saemidori

The name Shinbara is synonymous with Kagoshima tea, thanks to Master Kotaro Shinbara’s grandfather Nijiro Shinbara, who is considered the “father of Kagoshima Teas”. With such lineage, it’s no wonder his teas are the pinnacle of perfection.

Sensational Sae is an elegant, sophisticated, and complex kabusecha from Chiran, using the Saemidori cultivar, and Shinbara's own signature style to finish it. Tea from Chiran, the most prestigious region for tea in Kagoshima Prefecture, is identified by a very fragrant, full-bodied taste that boasts confidence in every sip. Close in proximity to the active Sakurajima volcano in the Kagoshima City bay, the soil here is rich in volcanic minerals, delivering a mildly oceanic yet powerful tea filled with umami. 

Sensational Sae takes you on a tasting adventure with layer upon layer of exquisite notes, and a thick, almost chewy mouthfeel, that leaves your palate sweet forever.

75°C/167°F (recommended)

1 minute steep, 1st pot

10 seconds, 2nd pot




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