tachibana yabukita sencha from yame

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tachibana yabukita sencha from yametachibana-sencha-loose-leavestachibana-sencha-in-cuptachibana-yabukita-sencha-green-tea
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Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Cultivar: Yabukita

With a 145-year history behind him, Master Kumagai, has risen to become Yame’s King of Gyokuro.

With a long history in Hon Gyokuro production, he takes this knowledge to his sencha, kabusecha and beyond. Producing tea of such high quality and prestige, guarantees a certain je ne sais quoi and why we selected one of his sencha teas for our collection. 

Tachibana, using the Yabukita cultivar, is perfectly balanced with umami through and through, yet not overly vegetal like many Gyokuro teas. Sweetness is the hallmark of a tea from the Yame region and this Sencha is an extraordinary example. We named Tachibana after the famous restaurant in Yame where we first dined with Master Kumagai. Just as our Tachibana sencha takes you on a journey into the sublime with a sweet lingering presence, so too does every mouthful of the restaurant’s vibrant, thoughtful, endless-course cuisine.


70°C/158°F (recommended)

I minute steep, slow pour, 1st pot

15 seconds, 2nd pot




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