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tachibana yabukita sencha from yame

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tachibana yabukita sencha from yametachibana-sencha-loose-leavestachibana-sencha-in-cuptachibana-yabukita-sencha-green-tea

Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Yame, Kyushu

Cultivar: Yabukita

A thoroughly-balanced sencha made from the Yabukita cultivar. Tachibana is independently grown in the ancient hillsides of the famous Yame region in Fukuoka Prefecture. Here, tea master Kumagai retains the land’s flavor with his minimal approach to chemicals and unmatched know-how. Under the slow life of stars, he continues a 150-year-old family tradition of award-winning teas through Tachibana’s extraordinary depth of flavor and pleasant sharpness. But here, the story shifts. Balanced by the region’s natural terrain, the leaves come infused with a delicate, full-bodied sweetness. As the morning fog settles, curl up with our high-quality Yame sencha — for a fragrant clarity under changing skies.