Three specially produced teas from Kyushu. A straw shaded kabusecha, deep steamed sencha, and iron-tossed tamaryokucha.Save over 10%!




Three specially produced teas in one value bundle of 3x 100g packs.

Save over 10% from the price paid individually.


Try some of our best and most popular teas crafted by our specialist tea masters from the Kyushu area in southwestern Japan.

FUSHIGI - Fukamushi Sencha

Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Yame, Fukuoka

Asatsuyu cultivar

A deep-steamed sencha with delicate notes of creamy artichoke, a subtle fruity sweetness, and a captivating aroma of roasted chestnuts.


SAE - Kabusecha

Master Kotaro Shinbara

Chiran, Kagoshima

Saemidori cultivar

An elegant, sophisticated, and complex kabusecha from Chiran, one the most prestigious tea region in Kagoshima, whose teas are renowned for their fragrant, full-bodied taste.


SAMURAI - Organic Tamaryokucha

Master Yuuzou Takahashi

Usuki, Oita

Blend of cultivars

With leaves curled like the tail of the Shiba Inu, this tamaryokucha or guricha (coiled green tea) is tossed by hand in a large warm iron wok, which delivers a deep, rich flavour with hints of nuttiness and umami. Master Takahashi blends several cultivars to ensure this harmony of taste and structure. His multi-generational tea fields are said to be watched over by the very gods who created Japan!