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hotaru shincha shiracha

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hotaru shincha shirachahotaru shincha rare shiracha from yamehotaru shincha shiracha 100ghotaru shincha shiracha 2x 100ghotaru shincha shiracha 3x 100ghotaru shincha shiracha 5x 100gshiracha shinchashincha shirachahotaru shiracha shincha cold brew in wine glasshotaru shiracha shincha in demi-glass

Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Yabukita cultivar


A once in a lifetime tea, Hotaru embodies the hard-to-find nature of the firefly, or Hotaru in Japanese. This rare shiracha, or white tea, yields a sweetness with notes of corn, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes. It’s almost as if you are walking through a farmer’s lush garden. Another contributing factor of the rareness of this Shiracha is its processing method. These leaves are cultivated on a small plot in Yame and processed similarly to the Chinese Baihao Yinzhen (white hair silver needle) which uses young tender buds. This reveals the sweet flavors of the leaves proving a truly unique and refreshing flavor unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. An exclusive tea from Master Kumagai who graciously allowed us to offer this limited-edition tea.


Traditional Method:

Tea to water ratio: 8g/200ml

Water temperature: 60°C/140°F

Steep time: 1 min (1st pot); 30 sec (2nd pot)



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