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chasaji bamboo tea scoop

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chasaji bamboo tea scoopchasaji bamboo tea measuring scoopa bamboo tea scoop for measuring green teachasaji bamboo tea scoop for green teachasaji tea scoop made from bamboo

Hand carved bamboo Chasaji Tea Scoop for loose leaf tea*

Tanaka san, an adorable 81-year old woodworker in the mountains of Shinyabakei, crafted these chasaji, which are as smooth as a baby's butt! It’s a Chiki Tea “must-have” so you keep measuring your tea leaves just right and with style. You’ll be so fascinated with the texture of the carved scoop, that these chasaji will double as your worry stone…

100% from Japan...carved with love in Kyushu.

*very slight differences from image may occur due to being handmade 




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