Try our three super senchas in one value pack. Save over 10%!




Three superior senchas in one value bundle of 3x 100g packs.

Save over 10% from the price paid individually.


Try some of our best and most popular teas crafted by our specialist tea masters from the Kyushu area in southwestern Japan.


SAIKOU - Superior Sencha

Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Yame, Fukuoka

Tsuyuhikari cultivar

An outrageously good superior sencha, made only from the Tsuyuhikari cultivar. It's thick and brothy, with an intense umami which gives way to gentle notes of sweet pear, apricot and creamy edamame. Master Kumagai's expertise in the traditional art of tea production includes shading these leaves for five days before picking, bringing out these unparalleled qualities.


TACHIBANA - Superior Sencha

Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Yame, Fukuoka

Yabukita cultivar

An extraordinary sencha produced by the same traditional techniques of master Kumagai's award-winning hon gyokuro teas. Perfectly balanced with umami throughout, the mouthfeel is smooth yet almost chewy, but with a silky sweetness that's the hallmark of teas from Yame.


OTOMI - Superior Sweet Sencha

Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Yame, Fukuoka

Saeakari cultivar

Crafted from Sae Akari, this cultivar can only be grown in a specific climate because of its sensitive nature. With its bright green colour, this ultimate sencha will send remarkable waves of fresh sweetcorn, and undertones of fresh root vegetables across your palate.