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Master Yuuzou Takahashi

Cultivar: Yabukita base with a mix of other varieties

With leaves shaped like a Shiba Inu’s tail, there’s nothing cutesy about Samurai’s powerful yet gentle essence. The tea classification Tamaryokucha is also nicknamed guricha, because the leaves are curled as opposed to the traditional needle shape. The leaves get their curl ( Tamaryokucha translates loosely as coiled green tea ) by being tossed by hand in a large iron wok-shaped pan, which produces a distinct, deep, rich and pleasing flavor.

Samurai is blessed with a blend of multiple cultivars, grown and selected by Master Takashashi, to ensure the right taste and structure with every loving batch he makes. The Takahashi family has been cultivating the organic fields in Usuki in Oita Prefecture for generations, where folks believe a mythical God watches over the harvest and smiles down upon the tea leaves. 

Water: 80-85°C, 200ml (176-185°F, 6.5 oz)

Tea: 8g (2 tsp)

Time: 1 minute




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