How to store Matcha for optimum freshness


Matcha has a very short and fragile shelf-life that needs to be protected in as small a container as possible. There’s no use putting your tiny amount of Matcha in a large canister, like a chazutsu, because the extra room will put too much oxygen inside and completely alter the freshness, performance, and most importantly, the flavor and aroma. 

Matcha should be kept in the fridge, in an airtight container, and used within 3 weeks of opening for optimum taste, aroma and color. When you want to use it, make sure the container warms up to room temperature in a couple minutes before opening it. This way, you don’t risk condensation on the outside of the tin ruining the delicate Matcha inside. You can store unopened Matcha in the freezer until the sell-by date but when it’s opened, promote it to the fridge!

Our Matcha comes in a specially-engineered tin with a rubber gasket melded to the inside of the lid to provide an extra layer of protection so the lid stays on tightly, keeping all air out so the matcha stays super fresh. 

silk premium grade ceremonial matcha 40g can Silk premium matcha unopened

matcha can seal as seen from abovesilk premium grade ceremonial matcha open can