Matcha Essential Tools & Equipment

What do you need to make matcha?

The Japanese have a reason for everything and the use of matcha tools is no exception. In fact, together with pottery and bamboo artists, these tools have elevated the matcha experience into an art form. With the attention to detail that goes into producing the matcha itself, these tools are necessary for bringing out the subtleness and texture of the precious matcha. The tools described below are the minimum essentials but if you are practicing the tea ceremony, there are a host of other options that aren’t covered in this article.

  • Chasen

    • A chasen is a handmade bamboo whisk containing fine tines, usually 80 or 100, and brings out the aroma and froth of the matcha.

    • A wire whisk or metal whizzer simply won’t allow the matcha to perform to the best and most delicious consistency and taste.

    • A new chasen will have a tightly curled bud in the center and curled tines. After a few uses, the chasen will bloom and relax.

    • Depending on how much the chasen is used and the skill level, it should last about 3 to 6 months. 

Watch this video on how to use a chasen!

chasen bamboo matcha whisk


The traditional matcha whisk made from bamboo. Get a frothy foamy top with a chasen bamboo whisk


  • Chasen Tate

    • Also known as a whisk stand, this ceramic piece allows the delicate chasen to retain its shape.
    • Always rinse the chasen in a bowl with hot water, and never under a hot running tap as this could break the tines.
    • After rinsing, push the chasen on the stand so that the bottom of the tines are not touching the ceramic piece.
chasen tate matcha whisk stand


A specially designed stand to prolong the life of your precious chasen.


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  • Chashaku

    • A long-handled, delicate handmade bamboo scoop
    • Designed exclusively for measuring matcha.
    • The traditional shape holds 1 gram of matcha
bamoo scoop for matcha chashaku


Matcha scoop made from bamboo. Scoop your matcha properly with this authentic and original tool from Japan. It's the traditional way to measure out the right amount to use.


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  • Furui

    • The quintessential matcha sifting tool for tea ceremony masters and beginners alike.
    • Containing a canister with a metal screen and rake, ideally made of bamboo to eliminate static, this device accurately sifts matcha in a few meditative strokes.
    • The lid then acts as a storage device when using large quantities of matcha at any given time like at a matcha party, tea ceremony, or in a cafe.
matcha furui sieve


Sift your matcha the professional way with this specialized tool


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  • Yuzamashi

    • This tea preparation tool is traditionally used to cool off water for making steeped tea but it is ideal for whisking matcha when it is then poured into another cup or demitasse for a shot or latte.
    • The lip and spout are ergonomically designed by the potter who makes them.

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