Who Else Wants Shiraore Kabusecha!?

  • Holly Helt

I have been searching the land for a decent “kuki” or “shiraore” (the stems) Japanese green tea. But I finally found one at the Kyushu Tea Auction in Oita city! And boy am I chuffed. It’s got that mild, smooth, milkiness so unique to shiraore along with the thick, mouthy texture that elevates the whole drinking experience.

Kukicha or Shiraore is also often times referred to as “Karigane” which means “wild goose” in Japanese. The beautiful story around the name Karigane is that when the tea steeps, the stems rise to the surface and float, perfect for accommodating any wild geese that might need to rest on their migratory tour!

Soft, luscious, and with a thick texture, this is a real find for fans of karigane tea.


About Holly Helt

Holly is American and grew up in Japan drinking Japanese tea from age-three. She has studied two methods of tea ceremony, Urasenke and the lesser-known Yabunouchi, which has a direct lineage to Sen-no Rikyu (known as the father of the tea ceremony) ; it's also the school of practice for samurai. In 2012 she founded Chiki Tea - an online retailer of Japanese green teas, all sourced directly from small farms in Japan. Splitting her time between Japan and her home in Texas, Holly strives to bring the best teas from Japan to as many people as she can find to share in her life's passion.

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