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Powered By Matchasilk ceremonial matcha 100glush ceremonial matcha for lattes and straight sipping 100ghalo matcha club monthly

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Are you powered by Matcha?

Here's to a £190 ($250) savings and never missing a sip. 

How it works

With your membership, you get a 20% discount off of the current retail price of either SILK or LUSH (100g) per 12 cans, paced at intervals of monthly or every other month. OR now you can also choose HALO x3 30g cans, monthly or bi-monthly. The £30 ($40) one-time membership fee is deducted off of your last can(s). Once you sign up (keep reading for details), you will be invoiced a month in advance for Silk 100g, or Lush 100g, or Halo 3x 30g, plus shipping.  When your payment is received, your Matcha will be shipped straight to you! 

A 100g tin gives you a daily 3-gram BOLD serving to last all month. Rest easy, you will never run out of the Best Matcha on the Planet!

Simply select your chosen membership from the drop-down menu, proceed through checkout and we will welcome you by email! 



The Chiki fine print: If you miss a payment date or cancel your membership before it expires, it means you voluntarily leave the club and we will be sad, but it also means your membership ends with no deduction or refund of the £30 ($40) membership fee. If you wish to renew, simply do nothing and we will carry your membership to the next year and the £30 ($40) fee will be deducted at the end of the new term. We will agree this with you in writing before the end of your membership. Memberships are non-transferable. The Matcha can only be shipped to one address, given at the time of joining. If you move, let us know at 

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