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Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Cultivar: Saemidori


Taste heaven (Tengoku in Japanese) with this truly divine Hon Gyokuro.

With your first sip, you will understand why this tea is described as heavenly, and why Hon Gyokuro from Yame is so distinguished. Due to its long shading period, this Gyokuro brings forth dark, lush leaves full of L-theanine and other vital nutrients and minerals. With hand-picked leaves we bring you a Pinnacle Grade tea (the highest tea standard in Japan) full of flavor and color. You’ll understand why this Hon Gyokuro is considered the champagne of teas with its sophisticated savory notes and lingering sweetness.

Gyokuro means “jade dew” in Japanese to describe its illustrious green color. Hon Gyokuro means “authentic jade dew” and can only be considered "Hon" or authentic when straw is used in the shading phase. The difference in quality and flavor is remarkable. During the nearly extinct "honzu" shading method, fresh hand-woven straw mats are used to manipulate tea growth. Modern Gyokuro doesn’t employ this traditional shading method, and generally farmers use plastic or cloth sheets. Because of this ancient practice, vitamins, and minerals from the straw filter down into the soil from the seasonal rains. This gives the tea plants rich fertile soil which increases the concentration of health benefits from the tea, yielding an alkalizing pinnacle grade leaf.

Get your own cup of heaven with this Tengoku Hon Gyokuro! Note: After you have steeped the leaves three times, you may eat them! This is reserved for only the highest-grade Gyokuro. Adding citrus soy sauce, yogurt, or salad dressing is a great way to enjoy them.

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