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kanae shiraore karigane kukicha

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kanae shiraore karigane kukichakanae shiraore kabusechakanae karigane shiraore green teakanae karigane shiraore loose leaf green teakarigane shiraore green teakarigane shirarore japanese stem teastem green tea karigane shiraorekanae karigane 200g with chazutsuKanae and her scones (and little hearts for the dog)


Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Get ready for a velvety, almost milky, easy-drinking and highly alkalizing brew!
This dazzling stem tea, or kukicha, hails from Yame. The tea is shaded, stems and all, therefore classifying it as a kabusecha. Most stem teas have been heavily fired to mask the ordinary quality of the stems. Not so with Kanae! The elegant and extraordinary kabuse stems are what make this an exceptionally smooth tea with a creaminess that rolls off your tongue.  We are extremely picky when it comes to our stem teas so you can be guaranteed this is no ordinary kukicha!
Shiraore (pronounced she-dah-oh-deh) means stem in Kyushu, while in the other parts of Japan, stems are called Karigane. It's the same thing and it's all kukicha! You will be charmed by the floating stems in your teapot as the leaves unfurl below. We named this tea Kanae in salute to our delightful and kooky former staff member who bakes seriously yummy scones!
Order 2x 100g with a chazutsu and save 15%. Please ask at checkout if you'd like a different design than the one pictured.



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