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Our outrageous superior sencha, fukamushi sencha, and shiraore kukicha, bundled in a 'happy bag' set - SAVE 15%




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Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Yame, Kyushu

Cultivars: Tsuyuhikari, Asatsuyu, Yabukita


"Happy Bags" ( 福袋 fukobukuro ) are very popular in Japan, particularly in the new year season where shops offer a sort-of lucky dip bag to their regular customers, at a discounted price to the value within.We'll tell you what's in this one though!... three of our most popular and highly regarded teas, offering a broad range of taste and experience...

SAIKOU Superior Sencha 煎茶 ( Tsuyuhikari )

Pears, apricots and creamy edamame, in a thick and brothy, richly flavoured liquor with multiple layers of umami. This really is the ultimate, as its name suggests.


FUSHIGI Fukamushi Sencha 深蒸し煎茶 ( Asatsuyu )

Creamy artichokes and roasted chestnuts, with a lush deep green vegetal finish from its deep steaming. A mysterious brew that transports you to the forests of Japan.


KANAE Shiraore Kukicha 白折れ ( Yabukita )

Incredible flavour, depth and sweetness to this rare, shaded kukicha from the finest hand picked stems of shaded kabusecha, whose unfurling leaves dance hypnotically as you steep.


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