outrageous super sencha green tea from yame

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outrageous super sencha green tea from yameoutrageous-sencha-in-cupsuper-sencha-green-teaoutrageous super sencha green tea leaves


Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Cultivar: Tsuyuhikari

It was May 30 when a humble parcel from Master Kumagai arrived at Chiki Tea...

The package contained none other than the most spellbinding, mind-blowing 100% Yame Super Sencha we have ever tasted! We nearly fainted with our first sip so there was no question that these emerald leaves had to be called OUTRAGEOUS! It's one of our most expensive sencha teas but you simply have to taste it to believe it. You are worth every sublime sip of this extraordinary Japanese tea from the Tsuyuhikari cultivar. Covered for 5 days, it is not classified as a kabusecha, but has less astringency than most classic sencha teas. The brew is almost thick enough to be called soup...layer upon layer of umami is woven with sweet ripe pear, apricot and creamy edamame to create a vibrant tapestry as rich as the history of Yame.


A tea this exquisite can be enjoyed in numerous ways:

Cold-brewed: 500ml pure cold water to 20-25g leaves, put in fridge overnight or 6-10 hours

Ice-brewed: fill a 400ml teapot with ice, add a dash of cold water and 15-18g leaves - set out for all the ice to melt then serve as usual

Like a baby gyokuro: 180ml 60°C (140°F) water, 8-10g leaves, 90 second steep, three infusions 

Regular sencha: 400ml 70°-75°C (158°-167°F) water, 15-18g leaves, 1 minute steep, slow pour, two infusions 


Order several packs for lower prices: Save 5% on 2 packs, 10% on 3 packs, and 15% on 5 packs



£29.95 GBP