mikado white houjicha very rare tea

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mikado white houjicha very rare teamikado-white-houjicha-green-teamikado-white-houjicha-green-teamikado-white-houjicha-green-teaMikado white houjicha with  gold chazutsuwhite houjicha and gold chazutsu setgold chazutsu and houjicha setMikado imperial white houjicha with chazutsu set
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Master Hironori Harano

Cultivar: hand selected from various varieties

Mikado is the rarest Houjicha in Japan! There is only one White Houjicha produced in Japan and this is it! In fact, it could be classified as a "boucha" or stem-only roasted green tea.

After a 5-year search for a non-leaf roasted green tea, this leaf 'vein' Houjicha was discovered by Holly on one of her meanderings in Yame. Most stick Houjicha uses the part of the stem below the three leaves, but this one uses the vein that runs through the center of the leaf, producing a delicate but very flavorful brew with a fragrant, bright and light liquor.

Only a Master knows how to manipulate the roasting process to yield a perfect balance of sweetness to roasted notes. Using a technical roasting technique, the veins puff up in the process and eliminate the caffeine, making it perfect for any time of the day and for babies as well. Not only that, but leaves from different cultivars are hand-selected to ensure only the ultra premium veins are used. This treasured gem is as dazzling as the jolly man who developed it, Master Harano...A tea this rare and extraordinary could only be called Mikado: the Emperor!

Water: 200ml (6.5 oz)

Temp: 85°C (185°F)

Tea: 8g (2 heaping tsp)

Time: 40 seconds, pour slowly


Order with gold chazutsu and save 10%. (If you wish to exchange for a different colour, please tell us which one at checkout)




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