large yuzamashi for mixing matcha

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500ml (approx 17 oz)

A yuzamashi for left and right hand use

This yuzamashi has the capacity to hold 500ml of water, right up to the double lips. You would never use this much water, unless steeping leaves for a group, but when used for whisking Matcha, the larger size helps you gain just a little more room in the bowl for your whisking action. And what's so Chiki about it, is how lefties can use it to pour with ease. Both of our Matcha preparation bowls come from the famous Tokoname kiln town, know for its special clay. 

Speaking of the handle...the artist has perfectly balanced the weight of the larger bowl with the size and location of the handle. If you were to remove the handle and curl the lips in, the bowl would become a chawan, the traditional bowl used in the tea ceremony. No wonder it's perfect for whisking Matcha.



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