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madison avenue kyusu japanese teapot

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madison avenue kyusu japanese teapotMadison avenue kyusu teapot green tea front viewMadison avenue kyusu teapot green tea top view close upMadison avenue kyusu teapot green tea top without lidMadison avenue kyusu teapot green tea sideview
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The “Madison Avenue” has been our kyusu (teapot) of choice for years. It's the perfect size, pours like a charm and graces every tea moment with enchantment. It has traveled the world from London to Mumbai, Shanghai to Dallas. So when we set out to stock the perfect Chiki Tea kyusu in the cafe, we were determined to stock this one. But we couldn’t find it ANYWHERE.

That is until Golden Week 2014, during one of Japan’s busiest holidays. . .

The Kyushu town of Hasami just happened to be having a pottery festival. As we were meandering around Yame and Ureshino admiring spring harvest, the car went into auto-pilot pulling us to this pottery mecca. The town was BUZZING! The force of this pottery festival pulled us into the crowd and straight to the display with OUR TEAPOT!! We must have nearly fainted because the crowds parted and two friendly staff were there to show us an entire stock of them. We bought the lot.

Little did we know that there was a raffle taking place for anyone who purchased items on that day. Well, as if the find wasn’t delight enough, that magic teapot scored seven in a row of the biggest prizes in the draw. The crowd went WILD!!

Believe it or not, we think this teapot has magical powers...See what magic it creates in your life and email us with the stories!


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