KINENBI 10th Anniversary Set


Four incredible NEW TEAS to celebrate 10 Chiki Years!!




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Celebrate our 10th Anniversary

with four incredible NEW TEAS! 

We owe this Anniversary milestone to you - our very loyal Japanese tea enthusiasts who have sipped cup after pot after bowl of our rare, authentic Japanese teas and matcha, crafted by our artisan tea masters. THANK YOU from all of us!!

You will also receive a special Kamawanu tenugui Japanese cloth - the very best all-purpose, designer cloth made in Japan. The gift comes with an English leaflet describing the production process, care and use.  

Now, let's MEET THE TEAS!


MANZAI,  Sweet Mochi Genmaicha

Tea Master: Takuro Kitagawa

Cultivar: Asatsuyu Atama + Mochi Rice                

MANZAI means comedy duo and is aptly named as this tea blend started in 2018! Holly and Master Kitagawa have spent countless hours with differing opinions to get this right. You see, mochi rice, which is the rice used for making Japanese sweets, is never used in genmaicha as it is perceived to be too precious for a tea blend. Rather, Uruchimai, the standard rice for meals, is toasted for genmaicha. With Holly’s insistence that mochi rice will yield such an extraordinary blend, combined with Master Kitagawa’s insistence that an Autumn harvest large leaf be used, MANZAI has resulted in a match made in heaven! 

kinenbi set manzai



SANGENJAYA,  Mizudashi Cold-Brew Sencha

Tea Master: Takuro Kitagawa

Cultivar: Saemidori + Okumidori + Asatsuyu            

The name SANGENJAYA is a district in Tokyo, famous during the Edo period for three remarkable tea houses. A bespoke blend of three cultivars, Sangenjaya is a dance of three charismatic leaves. Passionately blended by Master Kitagawa, this divine creation is the pinnacle of cold-brew perfection! Harmonizing the calming oceanic notes found in Saemidori with the spritely Okumidori character and the vegetal zen of Asatsuyu, this tea will become your best friend and a motivator to revive the spirit. Mizudashi means “cold or ice brew” but this bespoke blend can also be enjoyed as a traditional sencha, served warm in a teapot. 

kinenbi set sangenjaya



KASHIKOI,  Kaga Boucha

Tea Master: Satoshi Oda

Cultivar: various                            

KASHIKOI means ingenious and wise just like kaga boucha: a very special type of houjicha translated as “roasted stem tea from Kaga”. Differing from a Shiraore or Karigane un-roasted stem tea, authentic “boucha” can only be roasted in Ishikawa Prefecture, and can only be called “Kaga” boucha if it is roasted in the place of origin, Kaga city, where it was produced for Emperor Showa’s visit. Only two Kaga tea production companies use a ceramic roasting method to yield this very strong aromatic yet light-tasting Kaga brew.

Because there is a limited tea-growing culture in Ishikawa, the ichibancha (first harvest) stems come from Yame, Uji or Shizuoka. This tea is barely known outside of Japan, however the Japanese revere it as much as the highest ceremonial grade matcha! Holly has been trying since Chiki day one to obtain the rights to offer this tea and finally, with Master Kitagawa’s bold actions, he now holds the license for us to carry it. 

kinenbi set kashikoi


KUROTATSU,  Japanese Dark Puerh

Master Natsumi Osada

Cultivar: various        

KUROTATSU means Black Dragon and is named after a power spot in Fukui City. This tea has power like none other! Not to be confused with black tea, this dark tea, or Japanese Puerh, undergoes a moderate microbial fermentation using black koji, similar to the koji used in sake production. By undergoing this process, the tea loses its astringency and bitterness while gaining a mellow taste, mesmerizing aroma, and significant health benefits through amplified catechins, vitamins B and E, and polyphenols Teadenol A and B. One of the main benefits is the ability of this tea to assist in carrying ingested fats out of the body after a greasy meal along with stabilizing blood sugar when consumed daily.  You will be amazed with KUROTATSU’s aroma when boiling water hits the leaves and transports you to a forest after a deep rain. Honest!


kinenbi set kurotatsu


kinenbi set tenugui