hotaru shincha shiracha

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Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Yabukita cultivar

We named this Shincha white tea Hotaru, meaning firefly in Japanese, because it's so rare you'll be lucky just to get a glimpse of it. In fact, this Shiracha is so unusual that most people in Japan don’t even know it exists. The tea leaves are cultivated in a small plot in the famous Yame district and then processed very similar to Chinese Baihao Yinzhen (white hair silver needle) using just the precious buds. You will take a journey through a farmer’s garden plot and then onto the picnic table as you taste buttered corn, pumpkin, sweet potatoes… none of the “vegetal notes” like asparagus or spinach. This is a one-chance wonder… a treat from Master Kumagai who graciously allowed us to offer it to you.

How to prepare:

Tea to water ratio: 8g/200ml

Water temperature: 60°C/140°F

Steep time: 1 min(1st pot); 30 secs(2nd pot)

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