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hario mizudashi cold brew kit

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Our 100% Made in Japan HARIO MIZUDASHI COLD BREW KIT contains everything you need for the best tasting and healthiest cold brew tea, prepared in seconds, and long-brewed while you sleep.

The HARIO Mizudashi Bottle has won numerous awards for its simple and thoughtful design with a nod toward the trend in fine tea instead of wine for dinner. The lid contains a removable filter to strain the leaves as you pour.

With COLD BREW, the leaves can remain in the bottle because they brew to the maximum capacity very slowly, yielding a mellow yet rich cold tea experience seen in some of the world's top-rated restaurants, replacing wine for those who want a fine drinking experience without the alcohol. 

Cold brewing will revolutionize your Japanese tea experience as it is so easy to make and elevates the taste and smoothness of all loose leaf teas. We included one of our favorite teas, Sensational Sae from Master Shinbara in Kagoshima, to get you started. Once you experience cold brewing with the HARIO bottle, chances are it will become your new daily ritual!


HARIO Filter-in Cold Brew Bottle, 750ml

Sensational Sae Kabusecha from Chiran, Kyushu, 200g (2 x 100g)

Hand-made Chazutsu Tea Storage Container with internal lid for optimum freshness (blue or sakura design)

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