fushigi fukamushi sencha 100g

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Master Hideyuki Kumagai

Cultivar: Asatsuyu

A big secret shrouds Fushigi, a deep-steamed "fukamushi" exclusively from the Asatsuyu cultivar.  This is the most mysterious tea in our catalogue! 

Master Kumagai shared his TOP SECRET recipe... and his formula is under lock and key. "Fushigi" means miraculous, something which can't be explained, a puzzle, and a wonder. To add to its mystique, Fushigi has been blessed at Naritasan Kurume Bunin, a sacred place near Yame, where this tea originates. 

Reminiscent of roasted chestnuts, Fushigi is undeniably vegetal yet it stays firmly on the sweet side.  You may catch glimmers of green bell peppers, artichokes, leeks and lima beans. Feel the viscosity of the comforting infusion as it rolls over your tongue like warm cream. Rejoice in its rich, satisfying aftertaste. This is no ordinary green tea!  It's balancing, aligning, harmonizing… and its flavors meld seamlessly into one smooth, rounded effect.




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