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daily-cup-senchadaily cup sencha yabakei loose leafan easy drinking sencha green tea from Yabakei in Oita Prefecture


Sun-kissed and easy-going...a great sip anytime

Daily Cup has had a makeover! What's new? The cultivar! Formerly made with the ever-so robust Yabukita, Daily Cup is now 100% wakaba offering a billowy fragrance that rises from a heated pot like a bride's thrown bouquet.  It's gentle, sweet, green and a great price. Perfect to drink all day!

Daily Cup is a middle steamed tea (chumushi - futsumushi) with just enough deep green, needle-shaped leaves.  Picturesque Yabakei is where the Yamakuni river cascades along the mountainous and flat terrains in Oita Prefecture. This region is a hidden gem in the tea-producing world, producing some excellent Sencha teas that can easily compete against the famous regions of Shizuoka and Kagoshima. 


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