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Hon Gyokuro

You are probably well aware that gyokuro sits atop the Japanese green tea hierarchical tree, right there next to matcha. Certainly the shading time, pre-harvest, is more or less the same (about four weeks), which means this is another tea packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and super powers typically associated with high-quality green tea.
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Sencha with a TWIST

News from the frontline! Innovating with Sencha...
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A visit from Mr Gyokuro

One of the many rewards of running a foreign tea shop out here, deep in the Kyushu countryside, is that farmers get wind , and bring us their tea to try.
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Shiraore or Karigane?

WILD GEESE in your green tea? Alex walks you through the lowdown on whether you should be calling it Shiraore or Karigane...
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