Chiki Tea Limited

Company Name Chiki Tea Limited
Established May 2012
Business Description Food & Beverage Supplier
Share Capital £51,159
CEO Holly Anne Helt
Directors Holly Anne Helt, Edward Alexander Sanson, Mark James Tanser
Registration Number 08082490
Registered Address 7 St Johns Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 2EY
Contact Email
Main Bank Barclays
Accountants Macalvins limited, Chartered Accountants
Subsidiary Company Chiki Tea Japan


Chiki Tea Limited is the UK parent company and operator of the online retail website

The Chiki Tea website offers international customers the opportunity to buy select Japanese Green Teas which are not normally sold outside of Japan. Japanese Green Tea, and particularly matcha, is famous for its high concentrations of catechins and anti-oxidants. Japanese Green Tea benefits are fast becoming recognized around the world, with acknowledged advantages in weight loss, improved brain function and memory, as well as claimed lowering of risk of certain cancers, such as breast cancer and prostrate cancer.

The Japanese Green Teas sold on our website are all high quality traditional varieties such as sencha, kabusecha, and matcha, but also include less well known and hard to find competition winning Gyokuro, Master blended teas and other varieties of loose leaf tea such as Houjicha and Genmaicha.

Through our Japan subsidiary company, Chiki Tea Japan, we also ran a pilot project to evaluate the potential of a chain of cafes selling these high quality Japanese Green Tea combined with western style baked goods and desserts. We are now starting to roll-out the first of these ventures, having recently launched our Matcha Bar in Sannomiya, Kobe city. The cafes will focus on Matcha Green Tea as the signature drink, serving a variety of Matcha Latte style drinks as well as steeped teas, all originating of course from the parent Camellia Sinensis plant which is the source of the rich green tea benefits.

Through these initiatives we hope to teach people not only the health benefits of drinking Japanese Green Tea, but also offer a cultural departure from the formal Japanese Tea Ceremony without disregarding the heritage and supreme quality of the finest Japanese Green Teas.