Shipping the finest Matcha and loose leaf teas straight from our café in Kyushu, Japan

Our Cafe pairs Japanese green tea with Western treats!

All baked in-store

A relaxed, third-space escape,

where east meets west.

Chiki Tea would like you to experience the great taste of high quality, properly prepared Japanese Green Tea.

Our online store offers the finest Matcha and Loose Leaf teas, shipped direct from Japan.

We personally select all of our teas. We build strong relationships with our farmers who are be picky about who they supply.

Our cafe in Kyushu is a pilot project exploring a modern approach to serving Japanese Green Tea in a multi-cultural and relaxed third space setting.

We pair delicate Sencha's, Kabusecha's, and our signature Matcha drinks, with western treats like scones, brownies and cheesecakes, which are all baked on-site to our own recipes.

We hope to take this concept to other cities in Japan soon, and then ultimately to Europe and beyond.

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