Shipping the finest Matcha and loose leaf teas straight from our café in Kyushu, Japan

Our Cafe pairs Japanese green tea with Western treats!

All baked in-store

A relaxed, third-space escape,

where east meets west.

Chiki Tea would like you to experience the great taste of high quality, properly prepared Japanese Green Tea.

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Latest news 

Behind the Scenes at the Tea Auction

Holly takes an exclusive tour around a tea auction in Oita and uncovers a couple of Japanese green tea GEMS!
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Add Funmatsucha to culinary grade Matcha!

Master Kitagawa showed us how to boost the Matcha flavour in your ICE CREAM!
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We're MOVING!!!

We're off to Kitakyushu! Thank you Nakatsu, it's been a blast, and we hope to see you all in Kitakyushu when the new store opens!
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Who Else Wants Shiraore Kabusecha!?

Just recently, Holly visited the tea auction in Oita city and found the Shiraore she's been on a long search for!
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